BY Ginny Gerth
Coming Soon!
Ginny Gerth's
Debut Novel
Family Detective
Erin Brennan has decided to take a three-month
vacation from her genealogy business, to reconnect
with her life-long friends. Who knew that she would
be verbally assaulted by an angry Irish woman in
Library Park in Lake Geneva, WI, America after
much thought she decides to take the project of
finding this woman’s long lost brother’s family.  Nora
O’Brien is visiting her cousin in Lake Geneva WI. As
she sits with  her cousin and her friends, she feels
someone blow a nasty ass, very wet raspberry on her
neck. Turning to glare at the culprit, the spit slowly
slides down her back. All she sees is a face so red it
reminds her of the peat she uses in her teallachs in
her pubs in Dublin. Come join the ride as these two
women find their own road to both love and family.
And the importance of both, along with a little bit of
Irish humor and hijinks.