A lighthearted romantic novella set in
1938. Patience Styles has been banished
from her home in England. Patience has
caused a scandal that the family just will
not accept, she was caught in a
compromising position with another
woman. Upon arriving in Boston, she and
her husband prepare to start a new life.
Things get off to a rocky start thanks to
her husband’s drunken shenanigans. They
are in need of a new governess for their
two young sons. Enter Bonnie Greyson
who despite her lack of qualifications takes
on the job. Bonnie is everything Patience
could hope for, bright, cheerful and
gorgeous. The temptation of this attractive
young woman quickly proves to be a
challenge. Patience knows if she gets
caught again, her loving in-laws will do
whatever they can to take her sons away
from her. Things heat up when Patience
discovers that she isn’t the only one
fighting temptation. Life at the Plaza turns
from a punishment to romance.
ISBN 13: 978-153015580
10: 1530155800